The Best Igloo Ice Makers Reviews in 2021

Igloo Ice Makers
Igloo Ice Makers

Let me ask you a question – do you think that parties are loads of fun? What are the Best Igloo Ice Makers on the market?

I guess that the answer is “Yes, of course!”.

That is … until you find out that there’s no ice available.

If you have ever been in such an experience, you should understand the importance of having an ice maker. With one, you can be rest assured that chilled/ cold drinks are always available when you are in need of them. This is especially handy if your refrigerator doesn’t have one – or you are on the run (i.e: camping with your friends on the outskirts of the city…).

Igloo has always been a top brand when it comes to this type of product. Here, I have compiled a list of the best igloo ice makers – each of which comes with a detailed analysis of what you may expect from the. Let’s read on, shall we?  

Reviews of Best Igloo Ice Makers in 2021

Here are top rated Igloo Ice Makers by consumer reports

1. Igloo ICEB26HNSS Electric Countertop Ice Maker

Best Igloo Ice Makers

Igloo ICEB26HNSS is designed to provide users with maximum convenience – its compact design allows you to easily place it on the countertop, so as to both save space and enable easy access whenever you need some ice for your drink. In addition, its storage capacity is large enough to create up to 26 pounds of ice within 24 hours. And even better – when you have unexpected guests, the quick freezing function should help you produce 9 ice cubs within just 7 minutes!

Inside the ice maker, you shall find a control panel and a few LED lights. No need to worry – the control panel is very easy to use, and the lights should be bright enough to make operation even simpler. As soon as water refilling is required/ the basket becomes full, you should be able to realize.

Thanks to the ergonomic handle, you can smoothly move the ice maker to another place whenever necessary. When it’s time for cleaning, no need to panic – effortless cleanup is possible, thanks to the automatic 5-cycle cleaning feature.


Compact design that fits a variety of space.

Easy-to-use control panel.

Great ice storage and production capacity.

Amazing portability.

Removable drain plug and ice basket.


Somehow noisy.

Great at making ice quickly – but not so good in terms of keeping ice frozen for long.

2. IKICH Portable Ice Maker

Best Igloo Ice Makers
IKICH Portable Ice Maker

For those who are in need of another quick ice maker, here you are – this one should solve the problem. Within 6 minutes, you should be able to enjoy 9 pieces of ice cubes; and within 24 hours, the maximum this can produce is up to 12kg. Thanks to the large water reservoir (2 liters), you can set up everything the day before – and then enjoy the results in the next day’s party!

IKICH ice maker operates very quietly – hence, your guests should not be disturbed by any annoying noises. Although the reservoir is large, the whole thing does not take up too much space – you can easily place it on any countertop, and (as the name might have suggested) move it around quite effortlessly.

One more thing that makes this one of the best igloo ice makers is the smart indicator on the control panel – which allows you to know when it’s time to refill, and not have to worry after pressing the power button. As soon as it’s cleanup time, just remove the drain plug to empty the reservoir.


Efficient at ice making.

Can make ice of both small and large sizes.

Quiet operation.

Smart indicator.

Easy-to-use control panel.

2-year warranty.

Good customer service.


The ice basket could have been larger.

Ice stored inside may melt.

3. Igloo ICEB26WH Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker

Best Igloo Ice Makers
Igloo ICEB26WH

Another best igloo maker when it comes to convenience – its portable, compact design allows for easy storage, without compromising the ability to produce ice efficiently. The water tank capacity is 3 quarts – which is enough to create up to 26 pounds of ice within 24 hours. Just fill up the water reservoir the day before – and you can mind your stuffs until your upcoming party on the next day.

The ice basket is capable of keeping 2 pounds of ice; hence, there’ no reason to “rush” at all. In the event of unexpected guest arrival, the quick freeze functions should provide you with 9 ice cubes immediately within 7 minutes. What’s more, the easy-to-use control panel and bright LED lights make sure that even those who are not well-versed in appliance handling should have little difficulty in preparing ice. At the end of the day – when it’s time for cleanup, just remove the basket and the drain plug, and off you go!


Great capacity.

Quick freezing.

Simple operation.

Removable igloo ice maker parts for easy cleanup.


Need close monitoring – or it may stop making cubes occasionally.

4. Igloo ICEB26RR Automatic Ice Maker Machine

Best Igloo Ice Makers
Igloo ICEB26RR

The first thing of this machine that catches my attention is the retro-style metallic red design – which, amazingly, adds a lively modern touch to the room! Just put in on your countertop, and see how happy you feel after that! And that’s not all – beauty is just a minor selling point. After all, convenience is something you can definitely expect from this product – on one hand, it takes up minimal space. On the other hand, its large water tank means you can create up to 26 pounds of ice within 1-day period.

Just like the options above, Igloo ICEB26RR ice maker is also capable of producing 9 ice cubes within as long as 7 minutes. Its featured transparent lid allows you to easily check the content inside, while its detachable ice basket and drain plug make cleaning a real piece of cake.


Designed for convenience.

Large water tank and ice basket.

Simple operation.

Detachable basket for easy cleanup and serving.


Some customers have reported that ice produced may not drop into the basket.

5. Igloo ICEBNH26BL Self-Cleaning Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker

Best Igloo Ice Makers

Let’s move on to the last – but not least – in my best igloo ice maker list. This one, like the ICEB26HNSS model above, is designed with an automatic 5-cycle cleaning feature; therefore, cleanup becomes extremely convenient and can be carried out as much as you want.

The ice basket is capable of storing 1.25 pounds of ice – which should be enough to sate your thirst for cold drinks every day. If necessary, take advantage of the quick free function – and you should have to wait for no longer than 7 minutes. Operation with this ice maker is no hassle at all, thanks to the easy-to-use control panel, transparent lid and removable parts.


Large water tank and ice basket.

Effortless cleanup thanks to the automatic 5-cycle cleaning feature.

Quick freezing.


The drain plug is somehow difficult to attach/detach.

Buying guide Ice Makers

Indoor vs. outdoor

Igloo ice makers are available in various sizes and shapes – and the choice is all about how you intend to use them. For frequent outdoor use, consider one that will not fade as it gets exposed to sunlight. This means you have to take into account the color, the material, and whether there’s any outer cover on the surface.


You surely don’t want an ice maker that doesn’t blend in with the surrounding environment. Depending on where you intend to place it (on the countertop, in the cabinet…), choose the proper design wisely.

Ice quantity

Well, if you are frequently holding big parties, prioritize models that are capable of producing a huge chunk of ice within less time – and have large storage capacity too. Otherwise, if you only need to serve yourself, doing so will cost you both money and space.

FAQs Igloo Ice Makers

  1. Igloo Ice Maker Troubleshooting: Why is my Igloo Ice maker not making ice?

From my experience, there are 2 possible explanations:

-The water tank’s temperature may be a little bit high – over 90o. To fix this, pour some cold water (from 45- 90oF) into the reservoir.

-There is a leakage in the machine, or a pipe blockage within the cooling systems. If that’s the case, bring the ice maker to an experienced technician to fix the issue.

2. Igloo ice maker cleaning: How do I clean my ice maker?

For those who have little experience, follow the steps below:

·         Unplug the machine first.

·         Take the ice basket out and clean it with warm and soapy water. Use a soft piece of cloth to do the cleanup before wiping it with a dry towel.

·         Remove the drain plug to drain all interior water.

·         Wipe the interior and exterior of the machine with a soft piece of cloth.

Igloo Countertop Ice Maker


Not all fridges come with an ice maker; in addition, there are times when you are not able to access a freezer so easily. In that case, an ice maker is exactly what you need in order to enjoy your favorite chilled drinks. No matter what the occasion is – be it parties, picnics, etc. – an igloo ice maker will help you produce a large chunk of ice within minutes.

To make life easier for you, I have compiled this list in order to showcase you some of the best igloo ice makers available in the market now. Well, best of luck with your shopping!

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